Casey (rigbys_face) wrote,

What Has Changed

"Of course we're fine dining, we're always fine dining."
He laughs with a sharp gleam in his eyes, and his cronies laugh along
I bow my head, let the awkward moment pass
explain myself more thoroughly

though I wonder what I'm doing here
I know somehow the place will
probably not
last the year

I've seen the newspaper clippings, read the headlines


I've been held on a string
more than once, twice,
twenty times already
dangling high above only
to be let go, released again
into some unknown
region of innerspace, some
emotion I'm not yet familiar enough with
to grasp or comprehend

I'm living a life that I haven't chosen, for the lack of
choosing has been
achilles heel

But I'm understanding the phrase
scared to death
and how it differs from being

How is one scared to death?

How does one look his lover in the eye and think
how how
how how how how how howhowhowhowhowhowhowhowhowhow

and don't you tell me

how not

this is no time for tired phrases.

Give me a reason why and when and where
hard work and dedication
pay off

and I'll laugh in your face and say,

"Fine dining?

Of course we're

fine dining."

(cb, 2010)
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