Casey (rigbys_face) wrote,

Just a quick update...

I kind of hate facebook because I feel like I have to censor myself a lot more there than I do here. Livejournal will have to continue to be my place of actual writing down of emotions. I guess I just won't always let the facebook crowd know that I've done another lj update unless its full of rainbow glitter and butterflies. If they care enough they can regularly check this site too...which would suggest they have no life other than stalking me, ohmygod.

Whatever, whatever. (holds hand up, palm outward towards you, whoever you may be at this current moment.)

I'm not here to make friends.

I'm here to win.


Tonight Mike and I decided to sit down and watch Mysterious Skin. It was an amazing movie and honestly Joseph Gordon-Levitt's singular strongest performance of all of his movies (And I tend to see a lot of J.G.L. movies for some reason, even though I never really liked his character much in 3rd Rock From The Sun... I really, really hated 500 Days of Summer for a lot of reasons, but his actual performance wasn't too bad.)

It was also incredibly hard to watch for a lot of reasons - its subject matter was male child sexual abuse and the later effects of it - and it certainly didn't shy away or candy-coat the subject matter in any form whatsoever.

The ending was really incredibly well done, with a resolution that kind of hits you all at once - the movie does a good job of making you feel just as detached from everything happening in front of you as the characters are of the things happening to them - up until the very end, when in one relatively short scene, you're given a sort of coming together of all of the missing pieces of a fractured childhood and you finally are allowed to go through the emotions that make up the after-effects of a partially destroyed lifetime.

The movie was also really well directed, with an interesting soundtrack and often abrupt scene changes/segues that made sense in the grand context of the film.

Anyhow...the movie's still with me, I guess. I'd write about other stuff pertaining to struggling with finding a steady source of income, etc...but the details of that are boring, arduous, disillusioning, and other fun adjectives that involve ropes with nooses or razors and bathtubs or just mopey songs about loss.

I'll have some more pictures forthcoming, but I may be writing more in these next few rainy days between scouring craigslist and hoping to get calls or e-mails from my current staffing companies or just friends and family.

...seriously guys, I promise I won't be a debbie downer.

Ok, not totally anyhow.
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