Casey (rigbys_face) wrote,


I've learned a few things lately.

1. Appreciate Mike for being pretty much everything I've ever needed in life. That's not a mushy sentiment. It's fact. Look it up on Wikipedia.

2. Stop giving attention to people who don't deserve it. Also I'm an adult in a serious relationship, I need to grow up and not form pseudo-crushes, especially given the fact that I'm almost 30... I guess being around college kids messes with my mind lately...Not that these little suggestions and hints I'm able to read are necessarily a bad thing. I mean, I guess it's nice to feel that I might still be found somewhat attractive. But no, no thanks. Sorry. ...Please don't be mad, bro.

3. If someone insults me to such a degrading level that it makes me feel like walking out of workplace, I need to just man up and speak up right there and then. Just say, "Hey....that's not appropriate in any situation and you should realize what a douchenozzle you are for thinking it is okay to treat another human being that way. You're a huge douchenozzle and all that comes out of you is bile and vinegar. And douches...but only used ones, so you still fail. At life, I mean. Have a great day!"

4. Read the signs of a terrible workplace environment early and when you see people getting up to walk out of the interview process, do the same. Who cares if it makes you look haughty, and you probably won't find another job for a bazillion years...if it means you can retain your own dignity and not cry yourself to sleep, you're good.

5. Focus on the positive things. And right now there are so many positive things in my life, that the one huge negative only strengthens my resolve to change my situation as soon as possible.
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